iPhone 7 - 7 Characteristics

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iPhone 7: 7 characteristics that make the iPhone 7 the best smartphone

Released on the 16th of September 2016, the iPhone 7 (and its counterpart the iPhone 7 plus) have been highly sought after smartphones ever since.

Many smartphone users have vowed never to upgrade their handset or switch to another phone, because the iPhone 7 provides them with all that they desire.

iphone 7

iphone 7

What is it that smartphone users love so much about the iPhone 7?

Here are 7 characteristics of this smartphone that make it stand out from the crowd.Try also the iPhone 7 case.

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A new chip for highly efficient processing

Apple inserted its biggest and most powerful chip into the iPhone 7: this is the A10 Fusion chip.

The chip provides the phone with quad core processing, using dual processors, in a way that aims to save you energy and battery life.

This is because one of the processors is a heavy duty processor, which will be activated whenever you are performing high energy functions such as streaming videos or voice chatting.

This processor will only be activated if it is required.

The other, lower energy processor will be used for everyday business on your phone: checking your emails, for instance, or picking up messages.

That means that if you open your phone for 5 minutes to read through your work emails, this will not sap your battery life.

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Processing speeds are a real improvement on the iPhone 6

On average, the iPhone 7 is 20% faster than its predecessor the iPhone 6.

If you can borrow a friend’s iPhone 6, try it out and see what we mean.

The iPhone 6 will feel a little…clunky.

By contrast, the iPhone 7 is a highly fluid and efficient smartphone to use.

This is particularly noticeable when you are using several different functions on the phone at once, for example voice chatting to a friend whilst also browsing the web, and receiving notifications from your social media apps at the same time: with the iPhone 7, you can do all of this without interruption, and with the utmost ease.

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Excellent music playback quality

The audio system on the iPhone 7 is great all round, but one of the areas where it really shines is its crisp and clear playback function.

Whether you are listening to a voice message from a friend, playing back some birdsong you recorded, or listening to your favourite radio show, you will be able to enjoy crystal clear sound with your iPhone 7.

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Brilliant information delivery thanks to the iOS 10 operating system

The iPhone 7 also caused a stir because it came equipped with a new operating system: the iOS 10, and it was also made ready for an upgrade in the form of the iOS 11.

The iOS 10 operating system is all about presenting the user with information in a way that is highly intuitive and easy to digest.

News, notifications, and updates, are all effortlessly integrated to keep you informed at a glance.

New emojis

Another excellent feature of the iOS 10 is the whole raft of exciting new emojis that it brought with it with each update (the 10.2 update was particularly strong in terms of bringing in new emojis and improving the design of the old ones).

If you love to pepper your Whatsapp messages, tweets, emails, and text messages with these cute little critters, then the iPhone 7 is most definitely for you.

More realistic gaming thanks to a new engine

If you like to play games on your smartphone, you will be delighted by the feel of the iPhone 7.

This phone has a new type of engine which delivers targeted vibrations when you are gaming.

So, if your game character is banging in to a wall, colliding with something or just (unfortunately) dying, you will get a more realistic feeling buzz from your phone when it happens.

This engine redesign also makes notifications feel more intuitive and ‘direct’ if you are one of those people who prefers to have the vibrating notification function enabled.

A camera that works wonderfully well in low light

Commentators are hailing the iPhone 7’s camera as the best ever smartphone camera, and it is easy to see why.

This is a dual camera, so you can take photos in either direction, and both cameras offer you 12 megapixels.

The front camera has a f2.8 56 mm lens, and the selfie camera has a f1.8 28 mm lens.

The front camera is so good that it has been compared to professional telephoto lenses.

In addition, one of the key attractions of both of these cameras is the fact that they work really well even in low light: no more of those dark and obscure night club selfies!

You could even snap a barn owl in flight in the evening with this camera, and enter it for a photography competition. And win!

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Time to try out the iPhone 7?

There are definitely more than 7 reasons why the iPhone 7 is the best ever smartphone.

These 7 were just a taster of all of the wonderful things that this phone is able to do.