Canon 70D Camera

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Canon 70D: 5 reasons why you should invest in a Canon 70D camera

When it comes to taking great pictures and shooting impressive videos, enthusiasts expect these factors as a given when deciding which camera to select in a crowded market.

It’s the important extras that make all the difference between making an average investment and one that really delivers on expectations and to suit most budgets.

To this end, it is worth taking a look at the Canon 70D, a camera that isn’t in the stratosphere with cost and enjoys a range of features that keen enthusiasts are looking for.

It is reasonable to expect that these include an LCD flip screen, a built-in flash and stereo as the most minimum of standards, as well as the Canon 70 D guaranteeing first-rate picture results and image management.

Canon 70d EOS

Canon 70d EOS

The Canon 70D, however, has so much to offer that it is useful to take a closer look at why it is fair to think of it as the enthusiast’s perfect camera.

Optimum Performance For Still Photos

The Canon 70D’s 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor ensures results that are neither compromised nor limited by challenging lighting conditions.

The high dynamic range feature equips the Canon 70D to merge three images into one razor-sharp photo without losing the integrity of the image.

With up to seven filters, including toy camera and water painting effects to choose from in the Canon 70D’s scene intelligent auto mode, this is clearly a camera that can deliver creative images.

The Canon 70D reduces the stress and hassle of customising images, but without making concessions on results.

Image Sharing Made Easy With Wireless Connectivity

Sharing great photos is an enduring pleasure and the Canon 70D ‘s connectivity features combine convenience with ease of use.

Of course, it’s no secret that wifi connectivity is an essential for the dedicated enthusiast.

The Canon 70D does not disappoint with its built-in wifi feature that facilitates image sharing powered by the integrated wireless transmitter.

Canon 70d camera

Canon 70d camera

A wide audience can view memorable images on several devices, the scope of this audience reach essentially unlimited, with the Canon 70D’s wireless mode functionality able to connect with computers, as well as wifi equipped cameras and wifi printers.

The Canon 70D’s smartphone functionality allows the control of shutter speed and aperture and the free Canon app for iOS and Android remote camera control is an enticing option for projects like wildlife photography.

Compatability Means Super Convenient

The Canon 70D is designed with maximum convenience for its users, offering scope for variety and plenty of experimentation with images and video.

The whole range of Canon lenses is Canon 70D friendly, including the EF-S Canon lenses which are compact and light, as well as delivering on affordability.

Compatible with the Canon range of STM lenses, the Canon 70D provides an almost soundless focus during video shooting.

Popular secure digital memory cards, including SDXC, are suitable for the Canon 70D as well as state of the art UHS cards such as the UHS-1.

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On The Move Photography Made Easy With GPS

The adventurous spirit in photography is ably assisted by the Canon 70D’s GPS receiver, so if taking pictures in the middle of an idyllic nowhere with seclusion a must, the camera’s optional receiver can reassuringly record longitude/latitude, as well as altitude for those montane enthusiasts too.

The GPS feature is perfect for the ‘off-grid’ photographer who wants the ideal shot without having to worry too much about the geographical complexities when working on the move.

There is even a built-in electric compass to give extra backup and via GPS syncing the Canon 70D can easily log international time zone data.

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High-Performance Video Recording

Crucial to creating memorable videos is the quality of focus, especially where filming family occasions, as well as wildlife shots.

The Canon 70D’s optimum face detection means facial feature accuracy is assured, with impressive auto-focus continuity.

Sound quality is crystal clear with the Canon 70D’s lens volume notably reduced during video capture, resulting in videos that have a crisp focus complemented by purer sound.

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With the addition of a built-in microphone, video capture is super user-friendly with a stress-free functionality that puts the emphasis on enjoyment.

To take those video shots up to the next level, the Canon 70D’s movie utility with 1080p high resolution allows for clear as a bell video and live view with the benefit of dual-pixel CMOS auto-focus.

This cutting-edge technology gives the Canon 70D just as much punch as other EOS cameras on the market, making it a great choice for videographers.

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The Canon 70D can clearly hold its own, satisfying the most demanding enthusiast with its broad range of user-friendly features that complement those mentioned above.

One of the major positives of the camera is its comprehensive utility, whatever the project and capability of the user.

The Canon 70D’s design is notably comfortable in the hand, its ergonomic feel amplified by the textured finish together with sensibly positioned buttons.

The beauty of the LCD touchscreen is the facility for efficient setting of the auto-focus point in live view and movie utility, letting the user concentrate on the project.

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For the committed photographer, the Canon 70D is recommended no matter the challenge, whether capturing special family occasions or achieving those hard to get pictures to share with the world.

Supported by the Canon reputation for reliability and value, one would be hard put to find a better quality investment than the Canon 70D for all dedicated enthusiasts.