Canon 70D camera

Canon 70D camera

Canon 70D Camera

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Canon 70D: 5 reasons why you should invest in a Canon 70D camera

When it comes to taking great pictures and shooting impressive videos, enthusiasts expect these factors as a given when deciding which camera to select in a crowded market.

It’s the important extras that make all the difference between making an average investment and one that really delivers on expectations and to suit most budgets.

To this end, it is worth taking a look at the Canon 70D, a camera that isn’t in the stratosphere with cost and enjoys a range of features that keen enthusiasts are looking for.

It is reasonable to expect that these include an LCD flip screen, a built-in flash and stereo as the most minimum of standards, as well as the Canon 70 D guaranteeing first-rate picture results and image management.

Canon 70d EOS

Canon 70d EOS

The Canon 70D, however, has so much to offer that it is useful to take a closer look at why it is fair to think of it as the enthusiast’s perfect camera.

Optimum Performance For Still Photos

The Canon 70D’s 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor ensures results that are neither compromised nor limited by challenging lighting conditions.

The high dynamic range feature equips the Canon 70D to merge three images into one razor-sharp photo without losing the integrity of the image.

With up to seven filters, including toy camera and water painting effects to choose from in the Canon 70D’s scene intelligent auto mode, this is clearly a camera that can deliver creative images.

The Canon 70D reduces the stress and hassle of customising images, but without making concessions on results.

Image Sharing Made Easy With Wireless Connectivity

Sharing great photos is an enduring pleasure and the Canon 70D ‘s connectivity features combine convenience with ease of use.

Of course, it’s no secret that wifi connectivity is an essential for the dedicated enthusiast.

The Canon 70D does not disappoint with its built-in wifi feature that facilitates image sharing powered by the integrated wireless transmitter.

Canon 70d camera

Canon 70d camera

A wide audience can view memorable images on several devices, the scope of this audience reach essentially unlimited, with the Canon 70D’s wireless mode functionality able to connect with computers, as well as wifi equipped cameras and wifi printers.

The Canon 70D’s smartphone functionality allows the control of shutter speed and aperture and the free Canon app for iOS and Android remote camera control is an enticing option for projects like wildlife photography.

Compatability Means Super Convenient

The Canon 70D is designed with maximum convenience for its users, offering scope for variety and plenty of experimentation with images and video.

The whole range of Canon lenses is Canon 70D friendly, including the EF-S Canon lenses which are compact and light, as well as delivering on affordability.

Compatible with the Canon range of STM lenses, the Canon 70D provides an almost soundless focus during video shooting.

Popular secure digital memory cards, including SDXC, are suitable for the Canon 70D as well as state of the art UHS cards such as the UHS-1.

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On The Move Photography Made Easy With GPS

The adventurous spirit in photography is ably assisted by the Canon 70D’s GPS receiver, so if taking pictures in the middle of an idyllic nowhere with seclusion a must, the camera’s optional receiver can reassuringly record longitude/latitude, as well as altitude for those montane enthusiasts too.

The GPS feature is perfect for the ‘off-grid’ photographer who wants the ideal shot without having to worry too much about the geographical complexities when working on the move.

There is even a built-in electric compass to give extra backup and via GPS syncing the Canon 70D can easily log international time zone data.

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High-Performance Video Recording

Crucial to creating memorable videos is the quality of focus, especially where filming family occasions, as well as wildlife shots.

The Canon 70D’s optimum face detection means facial feature accuracy is assured, with impressive auto-focus continuity.

Sound quality is crystal clear with the Canon 70D’s lens volume notably reduced during video capture, resulting in videos that have a crisp focus complemented by purer sound.

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With the addition of a built-in microphone, video capture is super user-friendly with a stress-free functionality that puts the emphasis on enjoyment.

To take those video shots up to the next level, the Canon 70D’s movie utility with 1080p high resolution allows for clear as a bell video and live view with the benefit of dual-pixel CMOS auto-focus.

This cutting-edge technology gives the Canon 70D just as much punch as other EOS cameras on the market, making it a great choice for videographers.

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The Canon 70D can clearly hold its own, satisfying the most demanding enthusiast with its broad range of user-friendly features that complement those mentioned above.

One of the major positives of the camera is its comprehensive utility, whatever the project and capability of the user.

The Canon 70D’s design is notably comfortable in the hand, its ergonomic feel amplified by the textured finish together with sensibly positioned buttons.

The beauty of the LCD touchscreen is the facility for efficient setting of the auto-focus point in live view and movie utility, letting the user concentrate on the project.

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For the committed photographer, the Canon 70D is recommended no matter the challenge, whether capturing special family occasions or achieving those hard to get pictures to share with the world.

Supported by the Canon reputation for reliability and value, one would be hard put to find a better quality investment than the Canon 70D for all dedicated enthusiasts.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 - 7 Characteristics

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iPhone 7: 7 characteristics that make the iPhone 7 the best smartphone

Released on the 16th of September 2016, the iPhone 7 (and its counterpart the iPhone 7 plus) have been highly sought after smartphones ever since.

Many smartphone users have vowed never to upgrade their handset or switch to another phone, because the iPhone 7 provides them with all that they desire.

iphone 7

iphone 7

What is it that smartphone users love so much about the iPhone 7?

Here are 7 characteristics of this smartphone that make it stand out from the crowd.Try also the iPhone 7 case.

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A new chip for highly efficient processing

Apple inserted its biggest and most powerful chip into the iPhone 7: this is the A10 Fusion chip.

The chip provides the phone with quad core processing, using dual processors, in a way that aims to save you energy and battery life.

This is because one of the processors is a heavy duty processor, which will be activated whenever you are performing high energy functions such as streaming videos or voice chatting.

This processor will only be activated if it is required.

The other, lower energy processor will be used for everyday business on your phone: checking your emails, for instance, or picking up messages.

That means that if you open your phone for 5 minutes to read through your work emails, this will not sap your battery life.

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Processing speeds are a real improvement on the iPhone 6

On average, the iPhone 7 is 20% faster than its predecessor the iPhone 6.

If you can borrow a friend’s iPhone 6, try it out and see what we mean.

The iPhone 6 will feel a little…clunky.

By contrast, the iPhone 7 is a highly fluid and efficient smartphone to use.

This is particularly noticeable when you are using several different functions on the phone at once, for example voice chatting to a friend whilst also browsing the web, and receiving notifications from your social media apps at the same time: with the iPhone 7, you can do all of this without interruption, and with the utmost ease.

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Excellent music playback quality

The audio system on the iPhone 7 is great all round, but one of the areas where it really shines is its crisp and clear playback function.

Whether you are listening to a voice message from a friend, playing back some birdsong you recorded, or listening to your favourite radio show, you will be able to enjoy crystal clear sound with your iPhone 7.

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Brilliant information delivery thanks to the iOS 10 operating system

The iPhone 7 also caused a stir because it came equipped with a new operating system: the iOS 10, and it was also made ready for an upgrade in the form of the iOS 11.

The iOS 10 operating system is all about presenting the user with information in a way that is highly intuitive and easy to digest.

News, notifications, and updates, are all effortlessly integrated to keep you informed at a glance.

New emojis

Another excellent feature of the iOS 10 is the whole raft of exciting new emojis that it brought with it with each update (the 10.2 update was particularly strong in terms of bringing in new emojis and improving the design of the old ones).

If you love to pepper your Whatsapp messages, tweets, emails, and text messages with these cute little critters, then the iPhone 7 is most definitely for you.

More realistic gaming thanks to a new engine

If you like to play games on your smartphone, you will be delighted by the feel of the iPhone 7.

This phone has a new type of engine which delivers targeted vibrations when you are gaming.

So, if your game character is banging in to a wall, colliding with something or just (unfortunately) dying, you will get a more realistic feeling buzz from your phone when it happens.

This engine redesign also makes notifications feel more intuitive and ‘direct’ if you are one of those people who prefers to have the vibrating notification function enabled.

A camera that works wonderfully well in low light

Commentators are hailing the iPhone 7’s camera as the best ever smartphone camera, and it is easy to see why.

This is a dual camera, so you can take photos in either direction, and both cameras offer you 12 megapixels.

The front camera has a f2.8 56 mm lens, and the selfie camera has a f1.8 28 mm lens.

The front camera is so good that it has been compared to professional telephoto lenses.

In addition, one of the key attractions of both of these cameras is the fact that they work really well even in low light: no more of those dark and obscure night club selfies!

You could even snap a barn owl in flight in the evening with this camera, and enter it for a photography competition. And win!

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Time to try out the iPhone 7?

There are definitely more than 7 reasons why the iPhone 7 is the best ever smartphone.

These 7 were just a taster of all of the wonderful things that this phone is able to do.

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Cards

Pokémon Cards - Shop & Collect

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Find your favorite Pokémon cards on eBay or Amazon

Pokémon — or pocket monsters — have remained a collectible phenomena since they were first introduced to the world in 1995 (and to the trading card world in 1996).
Created by the ingenious Japanese designer Satoshi Tajiri, the cute franchise is represented through video games, manga, anime, plush toys and, of course, collectible cards.
Pokemon cards

Pokemon cards

With such a diverse and ever-changing history of new and exciting characters, we highlight how you can use online retail spaces like eBay and Amazon to hunt for sought after cards, and what to look out for on your quest to “collect them all”, like the Pokemon Tapu Lele.

Pokémon Cards

Pokémon cards are a perennial favourite of the trading card game universe.
Since their inauguration on the English market in 1998, Pokémon have been some of the largest and best selling cards ever produced.
With new cards entering the market frequently, there have been 74 card sets released for collection in America and 68 additional sets in Japan to date.
Before entering into the collectible market, it is first necessary to highlight which set it is that you are collecting and what is for sale online.
If you fail to take note of the card’s origin set, you may end up with the wrong card for your collection.
The earliest card sets were published in English by the company Wizards of the Coast.
These include the earliest Base Set (1999) and the extremely rare Poké mon Demo Game Plastic Pack (1998).
From 2003, The Pokémon Company took over publication and the card game now runs in its “Seventh Generation”.

Collecting Them All

Pokémon cards serve several purposes, you can either attempt collect the cards for playing the card game at home or at official tournaments, or you can attempt the task of collecting them all for the hunt and thrill of completion.
If your aim is to collect them all, it is best to concentrate on certain sets at a time (preferably the more widely available recent printings), piecing the entire collection bit by bit.
Amazon and eBay are great platforms through which to do your collecting, as you are able to keep record of changing prices and hunt for individual cards or sets at large.
If you are using Amazon, the in-browser client The Camelizer is a great way to keep track of prices and decide whether to buy a card on the Amazon Seller Market.

Things to Note When Using eBay and Amazon


Now that you have decided to collect, here are some tips when using eBay and Amazon online.

Buy Protected Cards:

When you are looking for cards, always make sure that the card is protected in a sleeve within the picture or description.
This will guarantee a greater quality and condition.
This goes for trading and selling too; always make sure your cards are protected.
It is worth investing in folders and files with card slots to protect your own collection.
These are available cheap on Amazon and eBay. Buy good Pokemon card sleeves.

Understand the Condition Scale:

The lingo of Pokémon collecting involves a quality scale.
This goes Mint, Near Mint, Good, Fair and Poor.
Although we like to think sellers are true to their word, you should always ask for proof through photographs.
If a seller does not list the quality rating, ask.
If they won’t list it, don’t buy it. You should also consider not buying cards in the Fair or Poor scale unless they are just for playing.
Be wary of subjectivity in ratings by asking for detailed descriptions of condition.

Recognise Rarity:

Knowing the truth about card rarity will prevent you from being ripped off.
Often times, we can grab a bargain when a seller is not sure of their card’s rarity, but also pay attention to those over valuing their collection.
A card’s rarity is generally represented in one of the symbols in the bottom right corner (Common, Uncommon, or Rare), but there are also Promotional, Holofoil Rare (or Reverse Holo) and Ultra Rare cards to be had.
Try investing in a guidebook or reference an online database (like the official website or Pokémon Prices) to get your head around the system of value.
Reverse Holo in particular indicates a card is holographic in the coloured area rather than the picture area.
These are rarer to come by and much sought after.

Only Trust What You Can See:

Always look for high quality photographs of each card, but also be wary of sellers offering “random” cards on eBay.
These are most likely bogus and a waste of money.
With Amazon, it is worth asking the seller for additional photographs via e-mail as the Amazon listing system is less sympathetic to images.

Avoid Fakes:

This is harder said than done, but fakes can usually be spotted in the colouration and imperfections of a card.
Information could be wrong, pictures could be different and the rarity scale could be fabricated.
If you spot a fake, report; both Amazon and eBay do not welcome counterfeits.

Buy Lots, Buy Often:

When buying deck cards, opt for lots with plenty of cards.
These will no doubt include few cards of value, but they allow you to flesh out your playing and base collection so that you can then pay attention to single rare cards.
Always be aware that if a seller is listing a lot to specify the number of cards on sale – this means you won’t be short changed.

Going Japanese

Ardent collectors seek to expand their collection with imports from overseas.
Japanese cards offer an interesting addition to English language packs.
Once you have all the English cards at hand, the Japanese packs can make quirky and interesting additions.

Get Collecting

Collecting is tons of fun and a great way to enter the Pokémon community.
Just be sure to follow our guide and you’ll be on your way to becoming a Pokémon master.